BLKFRG pictures was born for the love and passion for animals. The concept began with a new member of our family, Farrah, who's  a loving border collie-dane mix. She threw a huge wrench into our lives, needing undivided attention and what feels like a hundred walks a day. The dedication to save her from rescue and give her a home, we thought to bring our love of pets to yours with fine art modern photographs.  

Doug Human and Kelli Finn are commercial artists in the photographic field with a combined experience of over 20 yrs. The exploration of photographing pets was our newest adventure and give us the amazing opportunity to showcase our passion for animals.  BLKFRG's unique studio portraiture embodies the physical characteristics along with your animal's unique personality.  

Rangefinder magazine has awarded winning images produced by BLKFRG pictures for their 2018 contest edition of animal and pet photography called Best Friends. Rangefinder is a photographic publication internationally known for fine art portraiture supporting image makers worldwide produced by the coveted Photo District News magazine.